Poinciana Africa

Poinciana Africa

Poinciana Africa


Poinciana and Bamboo


When the rain falls on trees with large leaves, the raindrops come together and form streams and most of that water will run off and not get into the soil.
The Poinciana tree has very fine leaves, so it breaks up the raindrops and more of the water is absorbed into the soil.

The Poinciana also has a very extensive root system, so it is a good plant for preventing landslides in higher elevations.
Poinciana is good for soil conservation. Poinciana also tolerates drought very well.

The Poinciana is also a flowering tree, so that should be good for the birds and the beekeepers.

The Poinciana spreads very wide and gives you a large shaded area.
You can grow crops that tolerate shade, like coffee, under it.

And the scientists say that trees attract more rain so that will also be a benefit.

Maybe we can use the Poinciana to reclaim some of the deserts.

Plant Poinciana on the edge of the desert, and as those grow, keep planting more.

And the Poinciana also has a very beautiful flower.


Bamboo is one of the most valuable trees that we have.

Bamboo can be used for:

Building Material
Musical Instruments
and many more uses.

It is always very cool and damp inside a Bamboo patch so it probably holds a lot of moisture.

And if the scientists can combine the much-maligned plastic waste
with bamboo to make building products, which could go a long way to
solving our housing needs.

PS. If you plant a large patch of Poinciana, you probably will be visible from space.

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